Safety Transformers & 
Electronic Ignition Systems

Eichhoff Elektro is one of the world’s leading manufacturers in Electromagnetic Interference.  Renowned for it’s high quality and innovative solutions, Eichhoff Elektro manufactures an extensive range of safety transformers and electronic ignition systems for gas.

Eichhoff Elektro Kft joined the Enerdoor Group in 2011 which consists of Enerdoor in North America and Europe, Finmotor and Finlab in Italy and Eichhoff Elektro in Hungary.



Eichhoff Elektro Kft manufactures:

  • Safety transformers EE20 (up to 0.6 VA)
  • Safety transformers EI30 (up to 4.8 VA)
  • Other transformers up to 100 VA
  • Flat transformers UI 30 (up to 10 VA)
  • Flat transformers UI 39 (up to 32 VA)

These parts guarantee a fail-safe power supply and continuous function of electrical devices. Most products are UL and VDE approved. Quality and reliability is assured by automatic production.

  • Electronic ignition systems
  • High frequency ignition systems
  • Ignition transformers

The following parts are mainly used in gas heating and cooking for ignition and flame monitoring. Supreme quality and reliability is guaranteed by process monitoring of individual production steps and computer aided final control. The Eichhoff systems comply with the national and international standards for gas fired devices.

Markets for Eichhoff Elektro’s products are:

  • Heating
  • Electrical household appliances
  • Industrial electronics
  • Measuring and automation
  • Drive technology
  • Electrical tools
  • Lighting
  • Information technology
  • Eichhoff Elektro Kft ships to all global markets

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